The benefits of streaming NHL games in UHD are manifold. The most obvious advantage is the enhanced visual quality. Viewers can catch every detail on the ice, from the fine texture of the ice surface to the determination etched on players’ faces. The clarity and vibrancy of UHD bring the game to life, creating an immersive experience that rivals being present in the arena.


Beyond visuals, UHD streaming often comes with improved sound quality. The bone-crunching hits, the swish of the puck, and the roar of the crowd resonate with a depth that standard definition streams simply cannot replicate. Moreover, UHD streaming offers the flexibility to watch games on various devices, ensuring fans never miss a moment of the action.

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Wednesday, NHL Preseason Schedule , September 27
6:30. Buffalo VS Toronto
7:00. Florida VS Carolina
7:00. Ottawa VS Montréal
7:00.Philadelphia VS New York
8:00. Calgary VS Winnipeg
8:00.Tampa Bay VS Nashville
9:00.Vancouver VS Edmonton
10:00.Los Angeles VS Vegas
10:00.San Jose VS Anaheim

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